We provide a combination of service and achievement.

The origin and the main business of our company is dubbing foreign language feature films and television series. In addition, FFS Film-& Fernseh-Synchron GmbH offers fully developed ‘All-in-One’ solutions for localizing digital games, theatrical trailers, EPK’s, film clips and many other projects.

Domestic and international clients value the advantages of our full-service solutions, in particular, because of the excellent project-coordination at FFS Film-& Fernseh-Synchron GmbH.

Production Management
  • Preparation of concepts and proposal requests
  • Selection of voice cast, translator, dialogue writer, dubbing director - all in compliance with our client's specs
  • Coordination of all production steps, timing and maintaining deadlines
  • Dedicated contact person for clients (always informed about your project's status)
  • Creative and content supervision of your project
Dialogue Producing
  • Translation of the original dialogue
  • Creation of the lip-sync dialogue scripts
  • Editorial assistance
  • Compilation of insert-lists
  • Episodic title development
Stage Manager
  • Voice casting production
  • Voice casting and development of upcoming talents
  • Comprehensive database of voice artists in Germany
  • Scheduling of dubbing actors
Voice Recordings
  • Dubbing (lip-sync / voice-over)
  • ADR and original sound recordings
  • Foley & ambiance recordings
  • Boom-operator available
Audio Editing
  • Editing suites equipped with ProTools with Stereo and 5.1 monitoring
  • M&E check
  • Lip-Sync editing of dialogue and effects
Sound Design
  • Comprehensive sound libraries for ambiance / room tones  for selecting and placing those in scenes
  • Producing / recording sound effects, foley, ambiance and room tones
  • Concepts for creating sound effects to support the dramatic intent
  • Selection and assembly of music tracks
  • Expansion to a multiple track sound format within artistic and technical requirements
Typing Pool
  • Typing, formatting and preparing the dialogue script for clients and studios
  • Creating a final "as recorded" script
Transfer Department
  • Transfer of downloaded audio elements to a FFS studio-workable format
  • Transfer & delivery of final mix-files according to client's standing order
  • Technical control of incoming & outgoing materials and thorough Quality Check
  • Lip-sync check against picture references such QT, digital formats, HD CAM SR, BetaSP and DigiBeta.
  • Run time / Pitch corrections (audio files 24 fps to 25 fps, 23,976 fps and vice versa)
  • Combining film reels (audio only)

Available Audioformats:

  • DAT
  • DA-88
  • DVD
  • ProTools
  • Magnetic tape (35 mm / 17,5 mm / 16 mm)
  • Digital audio files (mp3 / AIFF / WAV / SDII / etc.)
  • Optical sound printing

Digital Audio-/Video- and Data-transfer:

  • Highspeed Internet-Streaming (Up- & Download)
  • Data-transfer Services (Aspera / Signiant / SmartJog / FTP / SFTP / etc.)
AV Department
  • Operating with all file-based video formats (Quicktime / Apple ProRes /etc.)
  • Handling HDCAM SR / DigiBeta
  • Avid HD Edit Suite / Final Cut Pro
  • Title animation, editing, encoding
  • Layback to all formats (incl. Dolby E) 
  • Dolby licensed mixing stages
  • Up-to-date mixing formats for Theatrical / TV / Home Video
  • Dedicated contact person for clients
  • Preparation of concepts and quotes
  • Coordination of all production steps, timing and maintaining deadlines
  • Selection of voice actor, author, director
  • Editorial check by visually impaired person
  • Voice recording in FFS studios- Mixing
Legal Rights Department
  • Executing talent release forms (Voice-artists / Writers / etc.)
  • Drafting and handling of contracts for Star-talents
  • Video surveillance of highly sensitive areas
  • Electronically secured doors    
  • Complete tracking of all materials at all times
  • Implementing of Burn In (watermarking, i.e. material-user name)
  • Security-transport of highly sensitive dubbing materials
  • Security certificates of major Hollywood Studios and major TV networks (domestic and international)